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Central Purchasing in Africa

Makinen Suisse SA offers a dedicated and exclusive service to professionals in the sector: the purchasing centre dedicated to the development of the construction sector in Africa.
Makinen operates as central purchasing bodies for the management of aggregate and centralised purchases. This allows obtaining quality and better sales conditions deriving from the experience of a company that has been operating in the sector for 20 years and boasts consolidated relationships with leading companies in the field in which they operate.

A successful partner

Makinen offers a purchasing management service for third parties to all operators in the construction and design sector. Makinen also manages the logistics and shipping processes of the goods.
The company can arrange for the shipment of the material to different countries in Africa due to the knowledge of its dynamics and rules.

It currently operates in various Central African countries, including Equatorial Guinea, Congo, Senegal, Cameroon, Uganda, Rwanda, Niger and many others. It relies on forwarders that guarantee a door-to-door service up to destination.

The service and supply contracts stipulated with the Purchasing Centre also provide for a timely verification and control activity, aimed at certifying that the subject of the contract is technically, economically and qualitatively adequate with respect to what has been agreed.

Cost and timesaving for the qualification of a local intermediary with consolidated expertise.
Extremely advantageous commercial agreements for the purchase of materials and logistics services.
Consulting, purchasing and centralisation services for supply chain management operations.


Advantages of the purchasing process
Price Negotiation

Makinen offers advantages over the entire purchasing process, starting with the negotiation of prices with suppliers.


Thanks to the consolidated bargaining power, it ensures timesaving on the whole purchasing process and item selection.

Evaluation of Items

Thanks to the experience gained, it is a reliable partner for the choice and evaluation of items.


Market research

Market research is carried out to identify the most suitable product for the customer’s requests.


  • Contact of suppliers.
  • Request for ad hoc offers.

Management of Offers

Evaluation of the technical, qualitative and economic characteristics with the support of specialised technicians, in order to develop the best offer in terms of value for money.


  • Evaluation of offers from a technical and economic point of view.
  • Technical support from specialised professionals.

Economic Mediation

Economic mediation. Makinen’s work volumes allow taking advantage of extremely convenient reserved discounts. The relationships established with suppliers ensure very advantageous purchasing conditions for the company.


  • Bargaining.
  • Definition of prices and terms of payment.

Shipment Management

Definition of delivery terms. The methods of delivery/collection of the goods are agreed with the supplier in the interest of the customer. The goods can be stored at Makinen management warehouses and subsequently shipped in groupage or full by land or by sea, or by optimising the load with suitable packaging if by air.


  • Collection/Delivery of goods according to customer needs.
  • Storage of goods, if necessary.
  • Organisation of containers by sea, groupage or full, or of dedicated/truck loads by land.
  • Creation of packaging suitable for air transport.

All-round Services

Forwarding of goods through collaboration with freight forwarders and industry experts. All-round management of customs procedures for import and export; door-to-door services can be provided through which the goods are delivered directly to their destination.


  • Definition of the contract.
  • Management of import/export customs procedures.
  • Management of pre-export procedures, if required.
Choose your Intermediary

We manage aggregate and centralised purchases for third parties throughout Africa with competence and administrative efficiency.

ContaCT US

Makinen operates as a Central Client.

Increase your development

Improve the efficiency of purchasing activities and reduce costs and times associated with the selection and management of suppliers.


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