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Makinen Suisse SA:


In almost twenty years of business, the company has developed specific expertise in the field of consulting and design of the most varied types of structures, increasing its expertise through collaboration with specialist firms.

Makinen is characterised by vast know-how, acquired through the implementation of interventions with high quality content. Furthermore, supported by expert and motivated staff, by managers with a great sense of responsibility and fairness, it aims at the continuous search for new markets and increasingly complex and stimulating tasks.

The development of the company’s organisational capacity has allowed constant presence on the market and the consolidation of the image of the group as tangible confirmation of the success achieved so far. The company has also achieved concrete effectiveness in logistics, in the field of purchases and obviously in the design and architectural study of the project.
The skills acquired and the vocation to expand allow Makinen to also win some international tenders in the field of design and to be awarded high-level renovations including furniture for customers in northern Europe, leading it to expand to Africa.

Makinen / SERVICES
Technological innovation and architectural quality combined with design solutions aimed at sustainability.
Experienced and motivated staff, and managers with a great sense of responsibility and fairness.
High quality standards and deluxe interior design to win the trust of even the most prestigious customers.

Why Choose Makinen

Makinen is a solid and deeply rooted company in Africa:

  • Directly controlled local partners.
  • Extremely qualified expat staff.
  • Professional training of local staff.
  • Direct supervision of the work by experienced project managers.
  • Direct relationship with shippers for effective management of shipments.
  • Direct relationship with producers and wholesalers to optimise purchases.
  • Lean corporate structure and company flexibility for easy problem resolution and excellent management of unexpected events.
  • Collaborations with established companies, leaders in the sector, such as Accor Hotel Group, Mangalis Hotel Chain and Onomo Hotel Group, and with internationally renowned architectural firms such as the South Africans SAOTA Interior Design.

Makinen’s technical and commercial skills and competences have developed over the course of 20 years of activity.

Now the company has a wealth of knowledge to operate with professionalism and experience in a developing market like the African one. Ranging from architectural-engineering to organisational, commercial and legislative knowledge on the local territory, in order to offer an all-round service even to the most demanding customer. 

The solidity and reliability of the company are the hallmark of Makinen; the devotion to each project by all the staff ensures its excellent success. 


Makinen is constantly committed to the development and research of new construction processes, through the application of cutting-edge technologies. 

The goal is to start from the advantages of the traditional construction methodology, such as solidity and sturdiness, to add those deriving from the most recent modular methods, such as the construction speed, the lower environmental impact and the use of innovative and eco-friendly materials.

  • Use of quality and innovative materials.
  • Use of advanced construction technologies, such as modular structures.
  • Choice of eco-friendly products to respect the environment.
  • Design of water and electrical systems aimed at the lowest possible consumption.
Makinen / areas of intervention

Makinen’s areas of intervention are manifold, ranging from the design to the construction of public works (hotels, public buildings) and private (villas and residential complexes), passing through the management of purchases and shipping of materials.

  • Holy art
  • Public Constructions
  • Private Constructions
  • Hotels

Phone: +39 3386405564



Professionals of the trade who follow all phases of project implementation with innate passion, from the idea to the development thereof. 


Multidisciplinary roles selected for their skills, experience in the field and strong aptitude for teamwork. 


Excellent craftsmen, from marble, to wood, to glass, to paintings… who contribute to making each work unique.

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